Definitive Historical Proof Separating Truth from Myth, “Legend of the Fist” is a Classic Book of Timeless Knowledge Containing the MOST Influential Work of the Karate Pioneers … No Serious Student or Instructor Should be Without it.

A wonderful compilation of Japanese-to-English translations, surrounding rare and original works by early Okinawan Karate pioneers, carried out by Patrick and Yuriko McCarthy over the past thirty years. It is a totally unique book of knowledge filled with insightful wisdom and a plethora of vintage photos that is sure to bring you closer to understanding both the original Okinawan art and its early personalities.
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Paperback: 334 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 7, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1985006766
ISBN-13: 978-1985006768
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches
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Book Endorsements
Andreas Quast                
Cezar Borkowski




For anyone interested in biographies of the Budo greats or martial history in general, it doesn't get any better then this. Patrick McCarthy doesn't commemorate the past, he makes it come alive. Copious research and decades fuelled analysis makes this is an essential canon of for all serious practitioners.  

In this world of, “become an expert simply by gleaming Google, watching some Youtube clips, or translating books researched by others,” … The contributions (born of often troublesome field research) of Hanshi McCarthy stand head and shoulder above all. ~ Cezar Borkowski Hanshi 9th Dan,  NKS, Toronto, Canada 

”Hanshi McCarthy’s work always makes me feel like a beginner! Enjoying the limited [white back] edition of ’Legend of the Fist’ here in Tomari, Okinawa.” ~ Jesse Enkamp 

A warm recommendation from two respected colleagues: Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht and Sifu Jonathan Bluestein. "Hanshi Patrick McCarthy's manuscript, 'Legend of the Fist' is excellent, and we are both once more impressed with his scholarly production and writing." 

Do you like Karate? Do you wish to know more about it? Are you curious? Get this book. The amount of knowledge and insights of Mr. McCarthy is a real treasure. It's a unique book with an interesting collection of documents and historical photographs spiced with Mr. McCarthy's vast knowledge and experience. Highly recommended! ~ Itzik Cohen ~ Author of “Karate Uchina-Di 縄手” 

"I like it a lot, and recommend it as must have book to add to everyones' library." ~ Kyoshi Paul Enfield 8th Dan

I am very happy to endorse McCarthy Hanshi's new book Legend of the Fist. Well written accessible material provides to the reader information and photos seldom seen before. Thank-you. ~ Jay Farrell Ryobukai 

"I thought this summer is THE summer and I'll be out every night... It worked, but then I received this incredible little gem with a personal, handwritten note by THE big gun of Okinawa Karate Kobudo in the West: Mr. Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi. So, under these circumstances, I cannot but remain in the study room :) Thank you so much McCarthy Sensei, you're the best!" Andi Quast author of Karate 1.0 

Definitely one for the library ~ “Super” Dan Anderson 

Since the publication of this work, we have now discovered the "Itosu" photo is actually Miyake Sango/三宅三五 [DOB 1847] ... a noted fencing instructor, originally from Miyazaki Prefecture, who was brought to Okinawa to teach at the police academy and in the school system. Interestingly, although not yet confirmed, it's likely that Itosu Ankoh is actually in the said photo, but simply another person; New details will appear in the forthcoming revised edition.  

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Historical Overview 
On Ko Chi Shin ー温故知新 
[Study the Old – Understand the New]
Facebook ~ Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu

Bringing together like-minded people in pursuit of common goals and celebrating empowerment, personal achievement & camaraderie through Koryu Uchinadi. A link to the past is your bridge to the future: Koryu Uchinadi’s unique system of application practices is a pathway between kata and kumite. Learned correctly, it can enhance the depth and value of any dojo curriculum without adversely affecting its cosmetic appearance or taking anything away from its cultural heritage. KU can also be learned/imparted as a provocative alternative to conventional methods of physical fitness and stress management. Learning how to respond dispassionately to unwarranted aggression requires self-empowerment. Such training promotes an inner-calm and, where conflict exists, helps restore a natural balance to personal and professional relationships.

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